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Battery Powered Fencer - DF200S
  Drivall Battery Powered Fencer - DF200S
Category : Electric Fencing

This easily portable strip grazer comes complete with its own carrying handle, earth stake and on/off switch. It is designed for use on small farms for general use, horse paddock fencing and, with longer runs of electric netting, for poultry, sheep, rabbits and for pheasant protection.

A light will flash green when the fencer is working correctly and red when the battery requires recharging. A buzzer will sound if the battery terminals are connected incorrectly. This fencer carries a two year warranty.

Ideal for Paddock Grazing

  • 0.4 joules maximum output
  • Powers up to 6000 metres or 3 x 50m electric nets
  • Power source: 12 volt wet cell battery
  • Battery Life: Example: a 55 amp/hour battery will require charging approximately every 5 weeks.
  • 8500V maximum output with no load and 2700V with a 500ohm load.
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