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PA30FENCEACCJLS (PA30): Jump Lead - Single. Used to connect a temporary fence line to a permanent wire fence or two live wires in parallel.

FENCEACCCOS (PA40): Cut-out switch. The cut out switch enable a particular switch section of the fence line or a paddock to be isolated without switching off the electric fencer. This can be used when carrying out maintenance work.

FENCEACCESL: Earth Stake 1.2m complete with bracket (not illustrated).

FENCEACCJC (PA47): Joint Clamp. This product enables the joining of two sections of permanent fence wire or joining the underground lead-out or gateway cable to the fence line.

Underground Lead-out/Gateway Cable:. To carry the live current from the electric fencer to the fence line and to earth the electric fencer. It also used to carry current underground between gate posts. Available in 3 sizes:
INSUL36/25: 12 guage and 25 meters long.
INSUL36/50: 12 guage and 50 meters long.
INSUL36/100: 12 guage and 100 meters long.

FENCEACCESS (PR30): Earth Stake for the DF100S Strip Grazer.

N.B Inadequate earthing is a common cause of poor performance. A galvanised steel earth stake is necessary to complete the fence circuit.

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