Drivall Insulators for Tape and Rope

Electrified tape and rope, which is highly visible and most frequently used to control horses, needs insulators that keep it flat, taught and firmly in place.

INSUL57 (A): Tape-line/Corner Insulator. This heavy-duty insulator (screws provided) is designed to clamp firmly up to 40mm tape.

INSUL58 (B): Three-way Joining Insulator. This insulator is the same as the P157 with the addition of a stainless steel plate which is designed to accomodate a three-way junction of tape (e.g for sub-dividing a paddock) or the introduction of an electrified gate.

INSUL10B (C): Tape and Rope Insulator. This mail-on insulator will take wire, tape or rope and closes with a snapping action.

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