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Electric Fencing Insulators for Timber Posts
  Drivall Insulators for Timber Posts
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A wooden post can act as a conductor, especially when wet, so good insulation is vital to avoid loss of power. These insulators can be nailed or stapled to the fence post.

INSULHS45 (A): Strain insulator (egg shape). This insulator is to be used at the end of a fence line or for corners. It is recommended that only Heavy Duty Insulators should be used for permanent electric wires. (Bag of 25)

INSUL80 (B): Slotted Screw-in Insulator (Bag of 25)

INSUL82 (C): Small Nail-on Insulator (Bag of 50)

INSUL81 (D): Pinlock Nail or Staple-on Insulator - Heavy Duty (Bag of 25)

INSUL83 (E): 'W' Type Nail or Staple-on Insulator - Heavy Duty (bag of 25)

INSULTUBE52 (F): Insultube - 2.5mm x 100mm (Bag of 50)
INSULTUBE53 : Insultube - 2.5mm x 142mm (Bag of 50)



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