Electric Fencing

Polywire and Polyrope for Electric Fencing
  Drivall Polywire and Polyrope
Category : Electric Fencing


POLYW3X250 (A): Polywire - 3 strand x 250m

POLYW3X500 (B): Polywire - 3 strand x 500m

POLYW6X200 (C): Polywire - 6 strand x 200m

POLY6X500 (D): Polywire - 6 strand x 500m

POLYR6X200 (E): Polyrope - 5mm diameter x 200m

ELECTRICWIRE7X400 (F): 7 ply stranded galvanised wire x 400m

ELECTRICWIRE7X200: 7 ply stranded galvanised wire x 200m


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