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Electric Poultry Netting
  Drivall Electric Poultry Netting
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POULTRYNET: Open mesh electric fencing is made of polywire horizontal wires and plain polythene vertical wires, knotted at each intersection.

Supplied in:

  • 25m rolls complete with 7 support posts
  • 50m rolls complete with 14 support posts
  • Guy Ropes
  • Pegs
  • Repair Kit

Nets are available with specific mesh sizes for sheep, goats, rabbits and poultry.

In addition, for those, who prefer it, Drivall offer poultry netting that is moulded instead of knotted at each intersection.

* Also available, for poultry keepers, is the poultry gate (POULTRYNETGATE) . Providing access through a live fence. 1.5m wide, complete with posts.

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