Fyna-Lite Multi-Weeda Fork
  Fyna-Lite Multi-Weeda Fork
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FYNALITEMW: The essential tool for effective pasture maintenance and in the battle for control of nuisance weeds such as Ragwort, Thistle, Dandelion and Nettles.

The FYNA-LITE MULTI WEEDA is designed to remove these weeds with the minimum of fuss and damage to the ground.

Early attention
The need for early action is vital because the problem can very quickly get out of hand. The earlier the removal of these weeds is tackled, the easier it is to remove the whole weed before they seed or the root system becomes too established

Multi Weeda and Multi Mucka
The combined use of both of these Fyna-Lite products allows the operator to carry out effective field maintenance with the minimum of back strain.

The All-Round weeding tool

  • Ideal for field or garden use
  • Easily removes the most difficult & toxic weeds - sharpened prongs dig easily in the ground - even when the ground is hard or stony
  • Removes the whole weed - disturbs the minimum of soil
  • No need to use harmful chemicals
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Strong yet light in weight
  • Superb value for money
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