Red Rum Leather Care for Horses
  Red Rum Leather Care
Category : Equestrian Supplies


  • Complete 2 in 1 Leather Care - This premium quality dual-action formulation containing Pine Oil, Lanolin and Glycerine gives a superb shine to all leather tack and equipment, feeds and preserves the leather, prevents drying out, rotting or mould growth. Has dual properties of the best saddle soap and leather dressing.
  • Sheath Cleaner with mint - Removes grease and deposits to protect against bacterial and fungal infections. Deodorises and freshens. Can also be used around the teat areas of mares to remove waxy deposits.
  • Anti-Crib Gel (with brush) - Discourages crib-biting and wind-sucking safely with an effective formualtion containing Chilli Oil and other unpleasant tasting ingredients. Imparts and instant hot tingling sensation upon contact with horses muzzles. This gel dries to a thin film and can be applied using the brush applicator in the cap to all surfaces around the stable yard.
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