Red Rum Horse Wipes
  Red Rum Wipes
Category : Equestrian Supplies

A range of pocket-sized wipes in resealable containers. The range includes:

  • Eye wipes - gentle formula for removing discharge around the horses eye and helping to prevent blockage of tear ducts.
  • Top and tail wipes - for use around the horses nostrils, muzzle, legs and anal areas.
  • Wound wipes - Formulated to clean mud, blood and deposits from wound areas and to protect against bacteria and infection.
  • Leather wipes - A blend of oils, polish and cleansing agent to lift mud and grease, feeding and caring for leather tack and accessories.
  • Fly Repellent wipes - Containig eucalyptus, citronella and neem oil as an effective repellent for horses against flies and midges.
  • Coat Gloss wipes - A unique formulation to condition the horses coat to leave it feeling soft with a healthy shine. Regular use repels dirt and dust and makes grooming easier.
  • Boot wipes - For quick and easy cleaning of leather and rubber boots and accessories.
  • Sheath Cleaner wipes - Effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal wipes which gently soften and remove grease from the sheath area of the male horse.
  • Hand Wipes - To clean hands of grease and mud after horse grooming. Protects against germs and deodorises. Leaves hands feeling fresh, soft and cared for.
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