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  Drivall Boundary Fence Clamps
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Use these boundary fence clamps in conjunction with Drivall Boundary Fence Strainers. It is best to use two strainers, one at the top and one at the bottom of the clamp. The fence is clamped between the clamp plates then the clamps are strained together until the desired tension has been achieved. The wires are joined in the usual way and the strainers and clamps removed.

Standard Pattern Boundary Fence Clamp: Also for use with Drivall Boundary Fence Strainers when straining. High-tensile and Mild Steel Netting in two sizes:

CLAMPECON (B): 102cms for Standard netting.
CLAMPMEDIUM: 120cms for horse netting (not illustrated).

CLAMPQUICK (A): Quick Release Boundary Clamp - 102cm

CLAMPLONG: 220cms for Deer Netting (not illustrated). -

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