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  Gripple Fencing Tool
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Using Gripple’s significantly reduces the amount of time and labour needed to install and maintain your fence. Unlike using knots and crimps, Gripple allows you not only to join wire, but to tension wire too. In addition to using Gripple to install plain wire, barbed wire, and stock netting, the Gripple system can also be used for fast and economic repairs for low volume applications.

GRIPPLETT – Gripple Torq-Tool

The Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool has been redesigned to incorporate a tension gauge.  Initially, the operator sets the gauge to the required tension, for example 150 kg. When the desired tension is reached, this is signalled to the user by a 'click' and slight movement in the handle.

This unique feature is especially useful on stock netting, as each line wire can be tensioned consistently. The Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool adds a new dimension to fencing, optimising the wire's life and delivering consistent results every time.

GRIPPLEM – Gripple Pro+ - Medium
GRIPPLEL – Gripple Pro+ - Large

gripple plus in use


Wire - mm

Wire - ga

Max Load


2.00 - 3.25

14 - 10

400kg / 800lb


3.25 - 4.20

10 - 7.1/2

600kg / 1320lb


2.00 - 3.25

14 - 10

200kg / 440lb


gripple T clip fence line connector


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