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  Drivall Fencers Maul
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Cast Maul: with circular faces for knocking in Fence Posts, fitted with plastic covered fibreglass handles which will resist breakage. Head sizes 14lb and 16lb. Handle Length 36"

Also available with wooden handle. Head size 14lb. Handle Length 36"

Alloy Fencers Maul: 7 kg complete with pick handle or 6kg complete with wooden handle. Head sizes 6lb and 7lb. Handle Length 36".

14lb cast head with fiberglass handle - MAULFH14

16lb cast head with fiberglass handle - MAULFH16

14lb cast head with woodern handle - MAULWH14

7kg aluminium head with pick handle - MAULWHA7

6kg aluminium square head with woodern handle - MAULWHA6

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