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Auto Auger Mechanical Post Hole Borer
  Drivall Auto Auger Mechanical Post Hole Borer
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POSTHOLAM: Take the hard work out of so many jobs. The 40lb Auto Auger is designed for safe one man operation. It can be used by contractors, farmers, landscapers, park departments, etc. Through Hire Shops it is ideal for domestic use.

The most economical digger available:
Low cost, Easy portability, Low maintainance. Faster digging, One man operation. Powerful-rugged! 3 h.p. 2 cycle Tecumseh petrol engine. Serviced nationwide. Needle bearings for longer life. Instant thumb control. Diaphragm type carburettor for quick dependable starts (drills at any angle).

Patented centrifugal V-Plex clutch, V-Belt and chain drive

The unit operates like an automatic transmission in your car, when 'revved' up the clutch engages and it begins to dig. The operator can control the amount of power at all times. When the engine slows the clutch disengages and the autger stops - NO HAND CLUTCH TO DISENGAGE. Maximum utilisation of engine power through a 9.1 reduction transmission. Drive chain gets power direct from the engine. Centrifugal clutch and belt absorb the shocks from striking underground objects. No gears requiring an oil bath - Double flighted auger - One inch square drive attachments.

Auger Accessories
POSTHOLEAMEA4 - Earth Auger 4"diameter, 34" long.

POSTHOLEAMEA6 - Earth Auger 6 "diameter, 34" long.

POSTHOLEAMEA8 - Earth Auger 8 "diameter, 34" long.

POSTHOLEAMCB4 - Replacement 4" double edge chromium carbide cutting bit.

POSTHOLEAMCB6 - Replacement 6" double edge chromium carbide cutting bit.

POSTHOLEAMCB8 - Replacement 8 " double edge chromium carbide cutting bit.

A full range of spares for the Auto Auger Mechanical Post Hole Borer are available for the engine and drive system.

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