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stop squirrels eating birds nuts



Category : Pest Deterrents

SquirrelStop protects your hanging bird feeder from squirrels. When a squirrel climbs on your feeder, the increased weight starts the SquirrelStop motor, spinning the feeder and causing the squirrel to jump off. Squirrels learn to leave your feeder alone - and birds can enjoy their food undisturbed

Setting up your Squirrel Stop:

1) Hang where both the SquirrelStop and your feeder will be at least 18 Inches (45 cm) from the nearest object.

2) Fill feeder with seed. (Make sure the total weight of the feeder is less the 10 lbs (4.5 kg).

3)Place 3 D-cell batteries in the squirrelStop and then hang your feeder from the SquirrelStop.

4) Turn on the SquirrelStop.

When refilling your feeder, always turn the SquirrelStop off before hanging your feeder back up.

Other Squirrel Stop Highlights:

Squirrel Stop is triggered by a minimum weight of 150g or 1/3 lb and spins for 20 seconds. It is safe and harmless to both squirrels and birds and will work woth any hanging bird feeder weighing up to 10lbs. There is no assembly necessary, simply put the batteries in and its ready to use. Squirrel Stop is the ideal product to ensure that you are feeding the birds in your garden and not the squirrels.


Squirrelstop Unit

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