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Dynavet Masterplus Remote Control Dog Training System
  Dynavet Masterplus Remote Control Dog Training System
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Masterplus consists of a receiver collar to be worn around the neck of your dog. Signals are transmitted from a remote control which can be concealed in the palm of your hand and can be used as far as 200m away. Reception of a signal triggers the collar to release an odourless, completely innocuous spray.

With Masterplus, you can train your dog by the surprise-reward technique.

When your dog does something bad, you interrupt him in the act by activating the spray. This spray does not punish the dog, it just interrupts him for a moment and makes him ready for a different activity. The dog is actually surprised by this new element (the noise, the cold sensation and the sight of the cloud) and becomes receptive to your demands again.

This is the chance to start playing a game with them to divert them to some other (permitted) activity. Once the dog is behaving well, you should reward them enthusiastically.

Suitable for all sizes of dogs

  • Range: 200m
  • Waterproof Receiver
  • 3 types of spray adapted to your dog
  • Replaceable antenna
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