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Water Dog Motion Activated Drinking Fountain

  Water Dog Motion Activated Drinking Fountain
Category : Pet Training Aids

WaterDog has been developed to combat the problem of old, stagnant or empty outside water bowls. WaterDog replaces outdoor water bowls with a cool, fresh stream of water. Waterdog is easy to install and it takes no time to train pets to use it.

Simply attach WaterDog to an outside tap, and pets approaching within approximately three feet activate a sensor, resulting in a steady flow of water being emitted. Dogs can drink until their thirst is quenched and the Waterdog turns itself off when the dog moves away.

Recently featured at Crufts, the Waterdog is battery run and requires no tools to assemble. The Waterdog also features an additional hose flow through, allowing a hose to be run simultaneously from the same tap. The unit itself is heat and chew resistant.

The Waterdog is a time saving, anxiety reducing pet health product, allowing pets to enjoy clean, fresh water on demand.

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