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Protect your pickup, van, lorry, horse box, boat, trailer, 4x4 or even line your swimmingpool with SPEEDLINER.

SPEEDLINER is the world's toughest spray-on bed liner and thats why Drivall has choosen to supply it. Independent laboratory tests have show SPEEDLINER to be 80 percent stronger than its competitors. With a SPEEDLINER bed liner, your truck can withstand nearly twice the abuse of the other bed liners.

As SPEEDLINER is a spray-on liner, it fits the contours or the surface its being applied to. This means that an airtight seal protecting the surface its on. It also means that SPEEDLINER acts as an extra damper to vibrations, deadening squeaks and rattles.

Colours: Speedliner comes in a range of stock colours (some shown below), but we can colour match any colour allowing you add that finishing touch to your new vehicle or refresh an older vehicle:

speedliner colours

SPEEDLINER offers the most UV protection available so even if the liner is constantly in direct sunlight, it wont fade like others. A SPEEDLINER will always look as good as the day it was applied.


  • KEVLAR®: KEVLAR (the same material used in the military) can be added to SPEEDLINER to make it extraordinarily tear resistant. Ideal for those that work their vehicles realy hard.
  • Rubber Crumb: We can add crumbs of rubber to SPEEDLINER to give it a cusioning effect, making speedliner great for livestock vehicles.
  • Fluorescent Pigment: making speedliner glow in the dark. This is great for safety applications and has been used for emergency service vehicles.
  • Grit: We can add a grit into the SPEEDLINER to make the final surface even more grippy.

For Pick-ups: Speedliner is heavily used to line the beds of pick-up trucks. It means an end to cracking drop in liners. With a Speedliner, it also means that chemicals, water and dirt will not slip between the liner and the truck as can happen with drop in liners. The textured finish available with SPEEDLINER grips cargo and provides a non-slip surface. Call now for a quote, prices are competitive with plastic liners.

For Vans: We can line the floor and even the side walls of your van. Some people who use their van for mesey work even choose to have the roof lined as well. SPEEDLINER can be applied directly to a metal floor or onto a ply lining.

For 4x4's: SPEEDLINER is great for off road vehicles, whether it be the inside, the underneath, checkerplating or the exterior pannels. SPEEDLINER leaves surfaces corrosion free and easy to clean.

For Horse Boxes: Whether it be a lorry or a trailer, SPEEDLINER means an end to wrotting chassis. Speedliner will completely seal the floor of the vehicle and provide a surface that is grippy and easy to wash. The rubber crumb option is great for this application.

Fitting SPEEDLINER: Our midlands fitting center 5 minutes from junction 2 or junction 3 of the M5 can handle any size of vehicle. We would require to have your vehicle overnight to allow the liner to initially cure under controlled conditions. It is then essential to allow 3 days from the time of aplication before re-using your vehicle for heavy work.

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